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Dental Prices

Specialists at the Flikier Dental Institute believe in providing a top level service at a very affordable price, we use state-of-the-art technology to assist us in the accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment of our patients, guaranteeing quality, comfort and satisfaction.

Prices for dental treatments in Costa Rica such as All on 4, Full Mouth Reconstruction and Dental Implants can represent savings of up to 65% when compared to prices in the United States or Canada, while at the same time patients are receiving qualified professional care, from the hands of a highly-trained doctors and technical staff.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants have become a common procedure in dentistry and a popular procedure for dental tourism in Costa Rica, it allows us to restore lost teeth and with this we not only contribute to the patients’ oral and overall health but also help them regain a beautiful smile and more importantly their confidence.  Our dental implants, look, feel and function like a natural tooth and they are built to last. Flikier Dental Institute only uses the best brands such as Zimmer implants and ZirkonZhan zirconia crowns to ensure longevity and a problem free smile for years to come.

At Flikier Dental Institute you can save up to 65% on a dental implant procedure when compared to the United States or Canada.

Our price of $1,550.00 include Zimmer implant, CT scan, implant uncovering, abutment and implant supported crown.


Our Implant prices include CT scan and Implant supported crown

Dental Crowns
60% Off

US prices

• Smith Sterling Crowns:


• ZirkonZahn Crowns:

60% Off
US prices

• Smith Sterling Crowns:


• Zikkonzhan Crowns:

Dental Implants
65% Off

US prices


  • • CT Scan
  • • Implant Uncovering
  • • Implant Supported Crown with abutment
Dental Implants Regular US prices

• Regular US price without the scan


All on 4® procedure in 1 day

All on 4
40% Off

US prices

• Final Prosthesis in ZirkonZahn Zirconia, FDI price:


• Final Prosthesis in Metal Acryilic FDI price:

All on 4
Regular US prices

• Final Prosthesis in ZirkonZahn Zirconia


• Final Prosthesis in Metal Acryilic

Full Mouth Reconstruction
50% Off

US prices

• Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments are complicated and unique for each patient, in average this is our price

Dental Implants Regular US prices

• in the US the price for a Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment can vary from

to $40,000

Beyond® Whitening

Our teeth stain for a number of different reasons, age for example, the use of certain medications, smoking, drinking wine, coffee, tea and pop are also common causes. Luckily, whitening procedures have come a long way and technology allows us to go through a whitening process in a very short period of time. Prices for dental whitening in Costa Rica are very inexpensive and can save you up to 70% on a comparable treatment in the United States or Canada.

$199 Beyond® Laser Whitening plus custom Whitening Trays/Gel
$99 Custom Made Whitening Trays with Gel

Are Costa Rica dental prices better than other tourism destinations?

It is usually not until a patient requires an expensive dental procedure done that they start looking for alternatives that can save them some money. When you look up information you will find several recommended destinations for dental tourism, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Hungary, Thailand, Spain, are just some of the options that may come up. So why choose Costa Rica? Are the prices for...
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Can You Get Equal Dental Care at Better Prices in Costa Rica?

Dental care is an essential component of good health, scientists have made statistical correlations between poor dental health and some diseases including heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, several types of cancer, diabetes, respiratory infections, problems during pregnancy, and in some cases, deaths have been reported because of untreated oral infections. Given the importance of oral health, it is no wonder so many people are looking...
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Misconceptions About Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Due to rising healthcare costs in develop countries like the United States, more and more people are looking oversees to obtain dental work for better dental prices. Costa Rica as a dental tourism destination, has become popular due to its proximity to the United States and Canada, but it has also become the destination of choice for European dental tourists who take advantage of its...
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Full Arch Replacement Solutions – All on Eights

Per recent studies, it is estimated that the total adult population that will require 1 or 2 complete dentures will be 37.9 million by 2020. These days’ people are looking for more permanent and effective tooth replacement solutions and at a reasonable cost. In Costa Rica, All on 8 dentures are becoming the go to procedure for dentists to successfully replace a full arch, this...
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Creating the Perfect Smile – Latest Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica, has and continues to advance thanks in part to technological developments, but, mostly due to the commitment of dental professionals in offering the best possible solutions to their patients at a reasonable price without compromising quality of care. A simile has a direct impact on everybody’s personality, it can greatly influence first impressions which could lead to better opportunities in...
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Full Mouth Reconstruction Reviews

At the Flikier Dental Institute, we understand the importance a smile can have on a person’s day to day interactions. Our efforts to restore functionality and beauty to a patient’s mouth has been our motivation since day one. We are proud of the work we have done over the years to help hundreds of people smile with confidence, especially at reduced cost.  Here are some...
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An affordable way to save your teeth

There is no doubt that conserving our teeth contributes to us enjoying better health and quality of life for longer. There is also no question that regardless of how well we clean our teeth, over time these will suffer some wear and tear and may require some repair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t heal those teeth with proper professional care. Endodontic treatments are widely...
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