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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102

Avoid Costly Surprises with Your Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Individuals in the US and other regions avoid getting dental work done to save money, but, this inevitably leads to more tooth damage which in turn will cost more money, this vicious cycle repeats itself until patients are faced with tooth loss.

When it comes to dental health care, dentists in the United States are not always forthcoming, this is a true for most medical treatments, you never know how much you will spend when you visit your dentist, pricing is not advertised on their websites and if you ask beforehand they will give you a vague response and tell you they won’t know until the treatment is complete.

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that individuals in the US, Canada and parts of Europe are looking for cost-effective, quality alternatives for their dental needs, and why dental tourism in Costa Rica has become so popular. It is no secret that Costa Rica has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and dental professionals here are equally or even more qualified than dentists in developed countries.

Top clinics like The Flikier Dental Institute offer the best patient care and only use top of the line materials in all their treatments, and unlike a dental office in the US or some clinics in Costa Rica, you will know going in, how much the entire treatment will cost you. Doctors will evaluate your case and give you a real quote on the final price of dental implant treatment, not one that changes as they “Find Further Issues”.

While the cost of dental work in the US varies considerably depending on where you live and even which clinic you go to, the cost of a dental implant in the US is around $4,500 on the low end. This cost could be significantly higher because a lot of dental clinics will charge for CT Scans and implant coverings separately.

Average Cost Break Down for Dental Implants in the US

Cost of surgery to place the implant into the bone is $2000 on average.

A custom-made abutment (the part that screws into the implant and will then support the crown) will cost $650 on average.

The crown that attaches to the abutment is the most expensive item of the dental implant procedure, this is the aesthetic portion of the treatment, and crowns made with materials that closely resemble natural teeth are clearly preferred, a high-quality crown could cost a patient up to $3000, on average, however, the cost for a Zirkonzhan crown in the US is $1200.

To the above, you must add the cost of the CT Scan that is required before an implant can be placed into the bone.

In comparison, a dental implant at The Flikier Dental Institute will cost on average $1,550, this price includes CT Scan, implant uncovering and the implant-supported crown with the abutment. This means a savings of 65% compared to the same procedure done in the United States. Even when you factor in the travel expenses, patients will still save a bundle and receive the same quality implants they would have gotten back home or possibly better. Don’t forget Flikier dental Institute will not only match any competitors quote for the same treatment but we will beat it by 10%.

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