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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102

Dental Technology

Beyond® Whitening Accelerator

endodontics-article-01Beyond® Whitening Accelerator

Not many dental tourists come to Costa Rica solely for the purpose of teeth whitening; this is a procedure that is often combined with other treatments that may be related to cosmetic treatments, periodontal care, orthodontics, or other dental issues.

At the Flikier Institute of Dental Rehabilitation in Costa Rica, teeth whitening procedures tend to be more affordable than the price of round trip-plane tickets from most North American airports. For this reason, these treatments are recommended to dental tourists who are either staying longer in Costa Rica or who are already here to get other dental work done.

Among the tooth whitening methods used by the Flikier Institute, the most advanced is the BEYOND Whitening Accelerator, which features a a multi-functional lamp with LightBridge technology, which combines LED and halogen light.

The BEYOND Whitening Accelerator also features a spot whitening device for cumbersome stains or discoloring. This system also offers an attachment for low-level laser therapy treatment if necessary.

With the teeth whitening technology used at the Flikier Institute, a Hollywood smile can be achieved in just a few sessions that last about ten minutes. The BEYOND Whitening Accelerator system is usually indicated for dual-arch procedures, which means that the entire dentition is treated; however, the available attachments can also treat a single tooth if required.

The treatment kits used in conjunction with the BEYOND Whitening Accelerator include a special gel that also improves oral health along with the cosmetic treatment. This gel is specially formulated to reduce discomfort in patients who may have extreme sensitivity. In general, the hydrogen peroxide concentration is 35 percent for the treatment and six percent for touch-up visits.

The system used by the Flikier Institute is operated via an advanced user interface operated by means of a touch screen. This interface allows the dental professional to program exposure to the BEYOND lighting system according to the patient’s treatment goals. The ease of use of the system and the whitening gel is adequate for all patients, and the output of the light can be regulated to match individual sensitivity. The best Costa Rica teeth whitening reviews are from patients who got these treatments.

Teeth whitening levels are determined on the Vita guide, which displays the desired shades of white that can be achieved with the BEYOND Whitening Accelerator. In many cases, the shades of white that can result from three sessions (a total of 30 minutes) are five to 14 times whiter than before the treatment.

The system used by the Flikier Institute is safe: Harmful light and heat are filtered with a special lens covered by 12,000 optical fibers.

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