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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102

All on 8's

What You Can Expect from All-On-8 in Costa Rica

flikier-dental-tourism-home-01The All-On-8 dental implantation technique is available at the Flikier Institute of Dental Rehabilitation for certain dental tourists in Costa Rica. This is one of various techniques used for replacement of all teeth of the upper or lower jaws.

If you are missing teeth or for some reason you are facing extraction of all teeth in one or both jaws, implants can allow you to have a fixed and permanent bridge that feels very natural.

As an alternative to using dentures, multiple implants can be placed along the jaw to provide support for a fixed bridge as long as adequate bone or bone augmentation procedures can be made to generate sufficient tissue.

The All-On-8 Costa Rica procedure is similar to those described for single or multiple implants. As such, it requires diagnosis, careful planning and coordination before starting treatment. This attention to detail ensures the safe placement of an adequate number of implants in positions that will allow the Flikier Institute dental team to fabricate a bridge that meets your needs and expectations.

The number of implants required for a fixed bridge varies depending on your particular anatomy and the type of prosthesis. Entire arch implants can be placed when missing some teeth in the upper or lower jaw. If you have remaining teeth that are decayed, it may be necessary to remove them as a first step before proceeding with implantation surgery. If there are remaining teeth, it is possible to make a temporary fixed bridge to help in the transition to implants. In this situation, and while the implants heal, the temporary bridge remains in place, allowing you to chew, speak and smile, all without using a removable denture.

If you can not keep enough teeth to support a fixed bridge while the implants heal, you will need to use a removable denture temporarily.

You may be instructed to refrain from using teeth over a period of time (usually two weeks) after the implants are placed. This allows your gums to heal adequately. In recent years, we have learned that it is often possible to place a full arch implant connected to a fixed bridge (usually temporary) in what is known as immediate loading; this means that the implants can withstand masticatory force as soon as they are placed.

In Costa Rica, the All-On-8 technique tends to be highly successful. This technique requires careful planning and coordination by the patient and the implantation team, and as with all treatments, you should discuss all your options and alternatives with your dentist and decide what is best and most suitable for you.

These procedures are ideal for dental tourism because they can be performed quickly without being too invasive, and they are quite affordable when compared to traditional implantation. Dental professionals like these procedures because they diminish risk to patients and because they have a high rate of success.

The choice of reconstruction technique is always made by the dental team, but this decision is based on the reality faced by each patient. Not all dental tourists will require a reconstructive procedure. Some may require extensive bone grafting or even periodontal surgery to strengthen their oral structure.

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