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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102
All on 4®

Beware of Fake All on 4® Dental Implants in Costa Rica

By now you surely have heard of a revolutionary dental implant treatment known as All on 4®, what you probably don’t know is that All on 4® is a registered trademark of a company called Nobel Biocare, located in Sweden. Because All on 4® is not an invention but rather a surgical and prosthetic protocol, some unscrupulous dentists in Costa Rica and other parts of...
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Full Mouth Reconstruction vs. All on 4® in Costa Rica

All on 4® treatment. The confusion stems from the fact that All on 4® treatments are often part of the comprehensive treatment that is a full mouth reconstruction. To determine which treatment is required for a patient, the dental professionals at the Flikier Dental Institute will evaluate the patient’s dental records and make a thorough examination to determine their needs. There are many components to...
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Are All on 4® Procedures in Costa Rica All the Same?

In addition to graduating from university, dentists are required to pass a rigorous exam to become members of the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentales (Dental surgeons Guild), if they fail this examination, they are not allowed to practice dentistry in Costa Rica. While this certainly ensures patients a certain degree of security that their dental professional is qualified to perform general dentistry procedures, it does not...
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Price Comparison of All on 4® Procedures in the US vs. Costa Rica

However, depending on the number of teeth you need to replace, single implants may not be the best course of treatment, instead, your specialist may recommend you get an All on 4® treatment. The procedure is a relatively new dental technique developed by Nobel Biocare a Swedish company specializing in implant-based dental restoration. All on 4® treatments are used to replace the entire upper or...
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Best Dentists for All-On-4 Treatment in Costa Rica

All-on-4 implants come as an option for edentulous patients or soon to become edentulous patients, who are looking for alternatives to regular dentures and want a more permanent, natural-looking and resisting solution. The all-on-4 procedure is less invasive than regular dental implants since this only uses four points of contact per jaw; full arch replacement using this system is considerably cheaper and faster than with...
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Why Choose All on 4 Treatment in Costa Rica

All on 4 is a revolutionary dental procedure that involves a permanent screwed in implant covered by a set of dentures. This treatment is fast becoming the most sought out permanent solution for edentulous patients. The benefits of an All on 4 treatment include: * Perfect for patients who have lost a significant number of teeth, or have suffered a considerable bone loss. * Eliminates...
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Keys to Finding the Best Clinic for All on 4 in Costa Rica

If you are one of the millions of edentulous patients researching the various options for full teeth replacement, then you must consider having the procedure done offshore which will considerably reduce your treatment cost. Costa Rica has established itself as one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world thanks to the quality of care offered by doctors. Even though the quality standard is...
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Price Comparison for All On 4

Dental tourism in Costa Rica has skyrocketed in the last couple of decades, due to the high cost of dental procedures in the United States, Canada and Europe. The Flikier Dental Institute, caters to dental tourists from around the world, offering the best quality of care at an affordable price with a highly acclaimed staff of doctors and technicians unrivaled in the region. One of...
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