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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102
PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102
Cosmetic Dentistry

A Step by Step Guide in Approaching Your Cosmetic Dental Specialist

Cosmetic dentistry, is a term utilized to group several dental treatments aimed at improving the esthetics of your smile. These treatments range from subtle changes like teeth whitening to major repairs like bonding and the addition of dental implants and crowns. In essence, in Costa Rica, cosmetic dentistry is the equivalent of plastic surgery for your teeth, and finding the ideal cosmetic dentist is crucial...
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Creating the Perfect Smile – Latest Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica, has and continues to advance thanks in part to technological developments, but, mostly due to the commitment of dental professionals in offering the best possible solutions to their patients at a reasonable price without compromising quality of care. A simile has a direct impact on everybody’s personality, it can greatly influence first impressions which could lead to better opportunities in...
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Cosmetic Dentistry Reviews

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile, and at the Flikier Dental Institute in Costa Rica, we have everything to make sure you always have your best smile on. Here is a sample of what our patients have to say about our procedures. Carly Martins I had some erosion in my enamel and I decided to get veneers, went down to Costa Rica and had...
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Evaluating Your Costa Rica Cosmetic Dentistry Specialists

When looking for a Costa Rica cosmetic dentistry specialists, you should take your time. After all, these are medical procedures you are seeking, so it is worth making the effort of evaluating your prospects. If you are thinking about having cosmetic work done on your teeth, the process of finding the right clinic will need to be a lot more involved than looking for an...
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Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica

Many dental tourists who seek the services of the Flikier Institute of Dental Rehabilitation are honest about their expectations of cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica. There is clearly a modern quest for beauty and the proverbial fountain of youth. Many dental tourists trust that the various procedures of cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica will help them to improve their smiles and their youthful appearance. The...
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Costa Rica Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the name given to the collective treatments, techniques and procedures performed by dental professionals for the purpose of improving the aesthetics of the human smile. In Costa Rica, cosmetic dentistry is closely related with dental tourism, but this does not mean that patients do no get therapeutic benefits from these treatments. At the Flikier Institute of Dental Rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry treatments are...
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