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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102
PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102
Oral Surgery

Maxillofacial Surgery in Costa Rica

Oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures are performed by Costa Rica dentists who studied several years as postgraduate students who undergo residencies and fellowships. During this time, future oral surgeons have received a theoretical and practical knowledge base that seeks to carry out the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and services related to dental health as well as surgical interventions of the structures comprising the maxillofacial anatomy Maxillofacial...
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Reducing Oral Surgery Pain and Anxiety in Costa Rica

Many people suffer panic and pain with relation to everything that has to do with dental treatment, but this should not be the case this new millennium and in an era of dental tourism in Costa Rica. If there is a branch of health sciences that has made progress in the field of reducing pain and anxiety, itr is precisely dentistry. As a premier practice...
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Costa Rica Dental Surgery

Here’s something that dental tourists who seek treatment in Costa Rica should keep in mind: The most frequently requested dental procedures will involve some level of oral surgery. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry are specialized fields of practice that often require dental surgery as part of their treatments. Most of the dental professionals at the Flikier Institute of Dental Rehabilitation are members of the Costa Rica...
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