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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102

Dental Implant Surgery

Choosing a Dental Implant Specialist in Costa Rica

Making the decision to have a dental implant procedure done in Costa Rica is pretty straight forward, if you have done your research you know of all the benefits of having a dental implant can provide, from bone health, convenience and long term value.

The more difficult task however, is choosing a dental implant specialist to perform the treatment, when making your decision, there is one thing you should be aware of, there is a difference between a dentist who does implants and a dental implant specialist.

Every patient is different, and therefore every implant procedure will be different, certified implant specialist are better equipped to make treatment decisions because not only do they possess the necessary skills they also have the experience which will improve the chances of a dental implant being successful.

As you do conduct your research for the most qualified dental implant practitioner in Costa Rica, these are some of the things you should consider:

* You should only consider dental implant experts who have a valid license issued by the Costa Rican College of Dental Surgeons, they should also be active members of the institution, if they are not, it means their license is no longer valid. You can search for the status here.

* Once you have made sure the dentist you are considering is in good standing, you should check to make sure if they have the necessary education to be considered dental implant experts. This means they should have at least 300 hours of post-doctoral or continuing education in the field of dental implants

* Your choice of implant specialist should have ample experience, as mentioned above, every patient is different and dental implants are not a one size fits all type of treatment; quite the contrary, they are highly complex procedures and sophisticated devices. Choose a dentist that has at least one year experience in the field of implant dentistry. Your dental implant expert should have experience performing a variety of treatments ranging from a single tooth implant to more complex multiple implant treatments and full mouth reconstruction procedures using implants, an example of these could be All on 4’s and All on 8 treatments.

* Most important perhaps is to find a dental implant specialist who is competent, patient reviews are a good place to start, but you should also search for any lawsuits against the practitioner you are considering.

Every staff member of the Flikier Dental Institute in Costa Rica, has been handpicked among the best dentist in their respective fields, and it is common for these experts to collaborate in different treatments to provide the best quality dental health care to the patients.

All doctors and technicians working at the clinic are licensed and certified to provide the health services advertised. Most of the dentists have graduated at the top of their class and have obtained specializations in renowned universities in the United States.

The Flikier Dental Institute clinic is a state of the art facility, providing a safe and clean environment, and excellent patient care that is certain to reassure any patient that they are in the most qualified of hands. The staff is bilingual; therefore, you do not need to worry about language barriers.

The process of researching and finding the best dental implant team can be tedious and exhausting, but it doesn’t need to be, start by visiting the website of the Flikier Dental Institute and conduct a search on their specialist and you will see that this is the perfect fit for your needs.

Contact us for a free consultation, we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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