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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Costa Rica Cosmetic Dentistry

flikier-dental-clinic-before-and-after-coverCosmetic dentistry is the name given to the collective treatments, techniques and procedures performed by dental professionals for the purpose of improving the aesthetics of the human smile.

In Costa Rica, cosmetic dentistry is closely related with dental tourism, but this does not mean that patients do no get therapeutic benefits from these treatments.

At the Flikier Institute of Dental Rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry treatments are performed by virtually all specialists; sometimes they are requested by dental tourists who come to Costa Rica purely for aesthetic reasons, but dentists as a whole are always mindful of how a patient’s smile will look after a visit to the clinic.

With Costa Rica cosmetic dentistry, aesthetics do not precede health or vice versa. Improving the dental appearance of patients never comes at the cost of therapeutic purpose; the dental professionals at Flikier Institute always make sure that teeth are healthy enough to bite, chew, speak, and smile.

The treatments and techniques that make up Costa Rica cosmetic dentistry range from cleanings to bonding and from crowns to dental implants. In fact, dental implantology can be considered to be at the height of aesthetics because it allows dental professionals to completely recreate smiles that had been previously lost.

Costa Rica Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Here are some of the treatments associated with Costa Rica cosmetic dentistry:

Discoloration and staining of the dentition is something that happens naturally with aging; however, certain activities such as smoking and drinking coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks are known to accelerate this natural process.

At the Flikier Institute, various whitening methods are used, but the most advanced is the BEYOND Whitening Accelerator, which features a a multi-functional lamp with LightBridge technology, which combines LED and halogen light. With his teeth whitening technology, a Hollywood smile can be achieved in just a few sessions that last about ten minutes each.


This procedure involves the application of tooth-colored material for the purpose of filling gaps or making permanent changes to the color of teeth.

Bonding can be acomplished with a single visit to the Flikier Institute, and it can last several years. Bonding may be subject to staining or even chipping, which is why it is not recommended as a permanent restoration option. The material used can be applied to fillings, or it can be used to cover the surface of the tooth.


The appearance of visible teeth can be changed in terms of shape or color or veneers in Costa Rica. Veneers are essentially pieces of porcelain-like material placed over affected teeth to improve their look.

The Flikier Institute prefers to use Zirconia,a white crystalline oxide commonly used in enamels and glazes. This oxide resembles fine sand; once it is mixed with the material known as Yttrium, it turns into slates of Zirconia dioxide, the most advanced ceramics material for veneers, dental crowns and implants.

Not all dental practices in Costa Rica utilize Zirconia fo veneers and crowns, and there is an economic reason for this. It so happens that Zirconia crowns and other dental devices made from this advanced material are only affordable when they are fabricated in-house, which the Flikier Institute is able to do thanks to investments made on equipment.

Costa Rica Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a part of a prosthetic device used in dental restoration procedures. Porcelain is one of the most common materials used to fabricate crowns, which are essentially caps placed over teeth.

Porcelain crowns in Costa Rica can be used as part of a treatment plan that may feature implantation, a prosthetic bridge, a partial restoration, or full mouth reconstruction. Although appearance tends to be one of the most important reasons cited by dental tourists as their motivation to get crowns, the specialists at the Flikier Institute of Dental Rehabilitation also consider other factors such as strength, shape and how crowns may affect contiguous teeth, other prosthetic devices or implants.

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