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Dental Implants

Denture Stabilization – Another Benefit of Dental Implants

flikier-dental-tourismFor the millions of people around the world who suffer from edentulism, a condition characterized by the loss of multiple teeth due to illness, age or an accident, partial or full denture stability is a daily struggle. Among the many problems slipping dentures cause, the main complaint is that they prevent individuals from enjoying their favorite foods, they can also cause speech distortions and loss of confidence.

In Costa Rica, implant supported dentures is now a common procedure performed by highly educated and qualified professionals. Among the many benefits the dental implants provide, we can list the following:

• Improves and in most cases fully restores proper chewing, allowing for a more varied and healthy diet.
• Decreases bone resorption.
• Reduces or eliminates prosthesis movement.
• Corrects phonetics, since the dentures stay in place the individual is free to speak with a full range of mouth movements which translates into a clear tone of voice and improved phonetics.
• Minimizes gum irritation providing added comfort.
• Better esthetics, tooth position and occlusion

Implant supported dentures in Costa Rica have been successful for thousands of patients from around the world. The number of patients who travel to this beautiful country to get quality dental procedures at a fraction of the cost they would pay in their own country, has increased exponentially over the years, as word of mouth spreads. Dental implants are not only effective and durable, they are reported to have the highest success rate of any minimally invasive surgical procedure.

In Costa Rica implant supported denture procedures are done with the use of the latest technological advances. These permit dentists to place the implants and supporting bar in one-stage as opposed to the two-stage method normally used, which could take anywhere from 6 months to a year to complete and as its name suggests, requires at least two surgeries. The success rate and durability of the one-stage procedure is extremely high and comparable to the longer traditional method.

What does the procedure entail?

An initial consultation is required to determine the best course of action depending on each individual’s needs and conditions. In all cases, medical and dental history of the patient are collected, a set of x-rays are needed to analyze the existing bone structure and whether grafting is needed or not, in addition, impressions of teeth and gum tissue will be taken to create models.

In some cases, a computed tomography scan, commonly known as a CT scan is indicated to ensure the sinuses and different nerves are not affected by the implants; CT scans offer a greater view of bone density and volume and help your prosthodontist determine the best location for the implants.

The biggest difference between a one and two stage procedure is that with the one stage dental implant surgery, an abutment or connector is installed at the time of surgery, this abutment protrudes through the gum tissue, so the is no need for a second surgery to expose it after the implant has healed.

The procedure itself, usually takes about one hour and can be done under local anesthesia, there will be a healing period in which the implant fuses with the bone. In most cases a crown can be placed immediately on the implant for esthetic purposes, but, it will be up to your specialist to determine how best to proceed.

Caring for your Implant Supported Dentures

The overdentures are not a fixed solution, so you will need to remove them at night and to clean them. Cleaning involves removing your denture and brushing around the implants. Brushing stimulates blood flow and promotes healthy gun tissue.

Once you have completed your implant supported denture procedure in Costa Rica, you will find that you can now eat foods you were not able to before, however make sure to follow your dentist advice and stay away from extremely hard or sticky foods because they can damage your dentures.

You should also follow your prosthodontist post-operative instructions and maintain proper dental hygiene to ensure the long term success of your treatment.

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