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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102

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Full Arch Replacement Solutions – All on Eights

flikier-dental-tourismPer recent studies, it is estimated that the total adult population that will require 1 or 2 complete dentures will be 37.9 million by 2020. These days’ people are looking for more permanent and effective tooth replacement solutions and at a reasonable cost.

In Costa Rica, All on 8 dentures are becoming the go to procedure for dentists to successfully replace a full arch, this procedure provides not only a rehabilitating aspect to the patient’s mouth, but makes it look and feel like natural teeth, blending functionality with esthetics.

The new generation of implant technology in Costa Rica is All on 8’s, a variant of the popular All on 4’s and 6’s, which revolutionized the implantology industry by offering patients a better quality of life with enhanced dental stability at a lower cost. The use of 8 implants placed strategically in the arch, allows for superior and long lasting stability, creating a permanent anchor that supports a dental bridge with crowns, this technology provides a more natural looking smile.

All on 8’s, like its predecessor the All on 4’s has been designed to maximize the use of available bone mass, it is suitable for most patients of all ages. The system is based on fastening 8 implants in very specific locations which create a tridimensional trapezoid force that enables the attachment of a metal bridge with ceramic crowns that contain 12 to 14 teeth depending on the need, the crowns resemble natural teeth and more durable than the acrylic fixtures used with the All on 4’s.

The dental bridge is affixed to the implant the day of the surgery, making the All on 8’s in Costa Rica a one day procedure; ideal for dental tourists who cannot afford to be away from home or work for extended periods. It should be noted that follow up visits will be necessary as well as temporary changes in diet, lifestyle and possibly medication prior, during and post treatment. The patients’ medical history will be evaluated during the planning stage of the procedure to ensure maximum success rates.

For the most part, the procedure is ideal in cases where bone matter is insufficient either in quality or quantity, the use of 8 implants instead of 4, allows for a better distribution of pressure between points which may prevent future problems. However, the treatment may not be viable for certain patients, to determine the eligibility of a patient, preliminary tests will be conducted during the first visit to find the best course of action. Should your dentist discover that there simply isn’t enough healthy bone tissue in the arch, he/she may recommend switching to an All on 4’s procedure.

The Flikier Dental Institute in Costa Rica, is committed to offering excellent quality implants at an affordable price, making it a great choice for dental tourists seeking a full arch replacement procedure. Their expert surgical and prosthetic team, aided by state of the art technology work together with each patient to plan the best treatment course available.

The Fliker Dental Institute understands the struggle of living with a broken smile, their dedicated team will work hard provide you with more than just rehabilitation, they will give you a reason to smile every day. Contact them today for more information on treatment options and services.

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