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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Costa Rica Full Mouth Reconstruction: Aesthetics Vs. Health

flikier-dental-clinic-scanora-3d-07The reconstruction of the entire dentition by means of implantology teeth is not only an aesthetic issue. The Flikier Institute of Dental Rehabilitation in Costa Rica believes that dental tourists should only go through full mouth restoration when their health is on the line and when the natural dentition has been irreparably lost due to decay or trauma.

An aesthetic look is virtually guaranteed with full mouth reconstruction procedures in Costa Rica. It is important to note, however, that the dental professionals of the Flikier Institute will always try to save natural teeth, and this may call for an endodontic intervention.

Natural teeth should be kept as long as possible because they are essential in the first part of the digestive process. Teeth are in constant motion and thus they often tend to move towards filling empty gaps, which may result in periodontal problems or tooth decay.

The Flikier Institute will always consider endodontics in lieu of full mouth reconstruction, which can also be performed partially.

Endodontics involves removing diseased tissue inside the canals and ducts of teeth with the goal of preserving them. When performing root canals, pockets can be filled with material called gutta percha, a derivative of malleable rubber that transforms with heat, allowing the elimination of germs inside the tooth and healing at the base.

Prevention is essential when it comes to avoiding full mouth reconstruction. A root canal by itself is a restoration procedure that may precede reconstruction. When performing a root canal, the extraction of the nerve causes the patient to not feel pain if there is a cavity in the restored tooth, so it is essential to maintain basic oral hygiene measures.

Full mouth reconstruction are complex procedures. They are sought by dental tourists because the cost of full restoration in the United States and other countries is prohibitive. Dental tourists may have aesthetics in mind when they come to Costa Rica, but they are actually getting a highly therapeutic and holistic treatment.

Dental destruction occurs with fracture or with very advanced caries that reach the nerve of the tooth. Restoration may start with endodontic reconstruction and rot canals that will require an internal reinforcements. The next steps are may include prosthetic devices and implantation.

Often, based on the teeth to be treated, periodontal reconstruction of the gums may be required. This helps to avoid contamination or salivary leaks within the pulp chamber, which could result in the formation of granulomas and severe infections in the surrounding bone tissue.

When are Full Mouth Reconstructions Performed in Costa Rica?

Severe cases of dentition loss will require a full mouth reconstruction, which can be performed in Costa Rica at special clinics such as the Flikier Institute. The loss of teeth may be the result of losing enamel, pulp, gum tissue, or bone, may be caused by trauma or decay. In some cases, extreme occlusion (inadequate bite) may cause severe maxillary pain and terrible headaches before the teeth succumb to wear.

In many cases, severe tooth decay and enamel loss may be the result of long-term exposure to erosion caused by stomach acid, which in turn may be related to the constant vomiting prompted by bulimia or substance abuse.

What is Reconstructive Dentistry in Costa Rica?

Reconstructive dentistry refers to any restorative dentistry procedure that involves the replacement or repair of broken or missing teeth, bones or tissue.

The procedures and types of dentistry that are classified as reconstructive dentistry include complete or partial mouth reconstruction with dental implants, osseous regenerations, fixed prosthesis placed on natural teeth, and removable partial or complete dentures.

Comprehensive restorative dentistry seeks to achieve both functionality and aesthetics in order to give stability and patient comfort.

When severe dental problems require full mouth reconstruction, a general dental practitioner can refer patients to a specialty clinic such as the Flikier Institute for the purpose of creating a treatment plan that will address both restorative health, function, and appearance of the teeth and gums.

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