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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction Reviews

flikier-dental-tourismAt the Flikier Dental Institute, we understand the importance a smile can have on a person’s day to day interactions. Our efforts to restore functionality and beauty to a patient’s mouth has been our motivation since day one. We are proud of the work we have done over the years to help hundreds of people smile with confidence, especially at reduced cost.  Here are some of the reviews and testimonials of patients we have had the honor to help.

Judy McDermot

I am happy to say today I am cancer free, and I can smile about it thanks to you Dr. Flikier.

Getting the news about my cancer was the worse day of my life, treatment was excruciating and the side effects took a toll on my physical appearance. After surgery and chemo my doctors recommended I get radiation therapy. Because of the chemo, several of my teeth had weaken to a point the doctors recommended extraction for fear of infection during radiation. This was the second worse day of my life. I was sick and now I faced the prospect of life without teeth.

During treatment, I received counseling for my depression, and it was there that I was presented with the information that would change my life. I was told about dental reconstruction; I was excited until I found the cost of the procedure and the fact that my insurance would be of little help. Then one of the nurses told me about the possibility to have the dental work done in another country. I started researching and I decided Costa Rica was the best fit for me.

I contacted several practices that advertised full mouth reconstruction, I had a lot of questions and concerns because of my condition, I heard back from a few, others didn’t even bother to reply. The one that struck me as being the most understanding about my situation was the Flikier Dental Institute, they were very helpful in answering my questions and they provided a plan to help me that made sense.

They evaluated me and gave me options that would fit my budget, thanks to their commitment I can now smile with confidence, I have a full set of permanent teeth that look better than the ones nature gave me. I cannot find enough words of gratitude for Dr. Flikier and his staff.

Justin Freer

Earlier this year, my 19-year-old daughter suffered a devastating car crash caused by a drunk driver, she suffered severe head trauma and needed reconstructive surgery on her face, the process has been long and painful for all of us. She lost many teeth due to the impact of the crash, and we needed a solution for her.

The Flikier Dental Institute was the saving grace for my daughter, after receiving an All on 8 and surgery on her jaw, she now has her beautiful smile back and can eat and speak normally. She will always have some visible scars from the accident, but she never has to worry about her smile.

I would like to personally thank Dr. Ivan Navarro and Dr. Simon Flikier for the care and consideration you have given my family. My God Bless you and the rest of your staff.

Geraldine Garcia

I am 72 years old and have had problems with my teeth for years. I lost several teeth about 13 years ago and got removable bridges from my dentist, then I had to get full upper dentures. I was resigned that there would be no other way, but I couldn’t function with the dentures, had trouble eating and speaking not to mention the constant fear I lived with that my dentures would pop out in public.

When I heard about implants I thought it was too late for me, I had had dentures for years and I heard about bone reduction and figured I missed my chance.

I decided to contact Dr. Fliker’s office anyway, and I was so happy when they told me there was a way to help me. I got my new teeth in one day, I love them. I can now taste my food and talk and laugh like a normal person.

William Deckler

The doctors at the Flikier Dental Institute are very professional and friendly. They have great patient care skills and speak clearly, in layman terms. I like to be able to understand what the treatment involves and hate when doctors speak to me like I am a dentist or worse an idiot. These people take their time to explain things clearly and whenever possible they use visual imagery from their high-tech equipment which helps visualize the result.

I needed to replace my bridges, I had removable ones that no longer fit well – the supporting tooth cracked and was no longer holding the bridge well- they explained the advantages of having implant supported bridges, there was of course a price difference involved but after weighing the benefits versus the cost I realized the difference was minimal.

I always appreciate honesty, especially when it comes to doctors, I felt I was treated right, and I would recommend this practice to anyone.

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