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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Restoration Treatments in Costa Rica

flikier-dental-clinic-all-on-8-home-02The Flikier Institute of Dental Rehabilitation is proud to be considered one of the best dental clinics dedicated to Costa Rica full mouth restoration.

As its name implies, a Costa Rica full mouth restoration or full mouth reconstruction is a procedure that sets out to rebuild the entire dentition of the upper and lower jaws. This is a procedure that requires the involvement of more than one dental specialist. Aside from implantologists, there may be orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, and oral surgeons involved. Since a full mouth reconstruction requires a full dental team in order to be successfully carried out in Costa Rica, the Flikier Institute is well suited for this procedure.

Since full mouth reconstructions are complex procedures that necessitate extensive and careful work, they can be quite expensive in the United States and other nations where dental care is known to be available only at substantial costs to patients. For this reason, the Flikier Institute is used to performing full mouth restorations on dental tourists.

When Full Mouth Restorations May be Needed in Costa Rica

Severe cases of dentition loss may call for a full mouth reconstruction. The loss of teeth, whether it may be loss of enamel, pulp, gum tissue, or bone, may have been caused due to trauma or decay. In some cases, extreme occlusion (inadequate bite) may cause severe maxillary pain and terrible headaches.

In many cases, the severe decay may be the result of long-term exposure to erosion caused by stomach acid, which in turn may be related to bulimia or substance abuse.

Full Mouth Restoration Planning in Costa Rica

At the Flikier Institute, a full mouth reconstruction starts with a thorough evaluation of the patient and a discussion among specialists about the extent of oral rehabilitation that the patient will need. In the beginning, a standard evaluation can be performed by a general dentist or an endodontist before calling on the senior implantologists, periodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons.

The dental evaluation that is performed before a full mouth reconstruction makes note of every single oral health issue that the patient may have experienced, from cavities to decay and from anatomy to the usual movement of the jaws and dentition.

One major consideration prior to planning a full mouth reconstruction is to determine the state of periodontal health. In some cases, the Flikier Institute may recommend intensive periodontal treatments such as bone grafting, root planing and scaling. It is important to measure the depth of pockets or gum tissue insufficiency as well as bone density.

Another major goal of dental reconstructions is to ensure that the patient can attain a firm and stable bite, which is paramount not only in terms of optimal dental health but also overall health. To this effect, the orthodontist specialist may recommend a therapeutic treatment that will effectively correct sot that it will support the reconstruction.

Finally, the important aspect of aesthetics is also considered as part of the evaluation. A cosmetic dentistry expert provides input insofar as the shape of the teeth, desired color and facial symmetry. Needless to say, the input of the patient is extremely important in this regard.

Technological Requirements of Full Mouth Restorations

Not all dental clinics can perform fill mouth reconstructions in Costa Rica. Aside from the team of dental specialists that must be assembled for this delicate procedure, the dental clinic must have certain equipment to carry out this extensive dental rehabilitation procedure.

The accurate imaging required in a full mouth reconstruction must be obtained with instruments such as the SCANORA 3D imaging system, which the Flikier Institute has wisely invested in. With the SCANORA 3D system, cross-sectional views of the entire dentition and maxillary structure can be obtained with single center line along the axial slice; these views can be further manipulated with software imaging tool to envision how the reconstructed dentition will look once the procedure is completed.

Full Mouth Restorations: Need Vs. Want

As much as the specialists of the Flikier Institute may enjoy the challenge of a full mouth reconstruction, it is important to note that these procedures are not performed on an elective basis.

A full mouth restoration is not the same as a smile makeover. If a dental tourist has a healthy dentition that is otherwise not fully aesthetic, the specialists of the Flikier Institute will not suggest reconstruction, which is a therapeutic procedure.

In some cases, a smile makeover may only require whitening, veneers and some orthodontic devices; in other words, a full restoration is not something that patients can normally request pas a lifestyle procedure.

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