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Invisalign Reviews

flikier-dental-tourismInvisalign is the new trend in orthodontics, ideal for adults and qualified teens who wish to improve their smile without having embarrassing metal braces that interfere with day to day interactions.

At the Flikier Dental Institute we are proud of being certified to offer the Insivalign system to our patients.

Here are just some of our success stories.

Michael Kim

I had a slight overbite, and I debated for year on whether to get braces to correct the problem. My main concern was I work with the public, I am always around clients and I was afraid my braces would negatively impact my career, but then again I felt my overbite was doing just that.

I consulted Dr. Daniel Vainer from the Flikier Dental Institute and I was thrilled when he told me about Invisalign technology.

My treatment involved me using clear aligner trays custom made for me. The process was very simple, and after a while I couldn’t even remember I had the aligner on. After 16 months, I am now done with my treatment, my teeth are straight and I no longer have the overbite. I still use a retainer at night but that doesn’t bother me.

Carolina Fernandez

I had overlapping front teeth, that used to drive me crazy. Not only were they ugly to look at, but they were a nightmare to floss and clean.

I hated the idea of having braces, I had seen my friends in school go through excruciating pain and I suffer from migraines, which meant I was not prepared to deal with any additional pain.

When I heard that the Flikier Dental Institute was offering Invisalign, I decided to go in for a consultation to see if maybe this was a viable option for me.

The Dr. explained that there would be some minor discomfort as the teeth moved and realigned, but that it would be less than with traditional braces. I decided to give it a try, I got super excited when the Dr. showed me what my teeth would look like, after that, I decided what ever pain came with it would be worth it.

Surprisingly enough, there was no real pain, I won’t lie, there was discomfort and the hints of pain but nothing that disrupted my daily life and best of all it did not trigger any migraines.

It took a while but I no longer have overlapping front teeth, my smile looks better than I could have ever dreamed of.

Thanks, Flikier Institute and thanks Invisalign!

Freddy Matheson

Contemplating the idea of using braces as an adult is never fun. When you consider daily relations at work as well as social events, being a 38-year-old with braces is simply not a comfortable scenario.

My orthodontist at the Flikier Dental Institute introduced me to Invisalign, I had not heard about it before and I was skeptical of it; I mean could a little plastic tray really do the job? He showed me before and after pictures and explain the procedure along with a visual of the end result. I was intrigued to say the least.

After some consideration, I went for it, I was concerned because when I first put the aligner on I had a hard time speaking, suddenly I was speaking with a lisp which I did not have before. My Dr. was wise enough to suggest I get my first aligner on a Friday, so I would have a couple of days to get adjusted to it before I stepped out into the world. And that was all it took a couple of days to get used to the feeling of having something on my teeth. Went to work on Monday and nobody noticed, it wasn’t until a few weeks later that somebody commented on it.

Thanks to Invisalign, I am now more confident than ever before.

Claudia Sibaja

My son needed braces, but simply refused to have them for fear of being bullied at school. As a mother, the wellbeing of your child is the most important thing, I knew he would regret not correcting his teeth at an early age, but at the same time the prospect of causing him emotional stress was simply too much.

Another mom at my son’s school told me about this new orthodontic procedure at the Flikier Dental Institute and I decided to get an appointment for my son, he was no happy about it.

Dr. Vainer was super understanding, and he went over all the possible treatments available, when he mentioned the Invisalign, my son’s face lit up, he was a good candidate for the treatment and this meant his teeth would be straight and nobody would make fun of him at school.

He is now halfway through the procedure, and couldn’t be happier. This is all I wanted as a mother. Thank you!

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