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Keys to Finding the Best Clinic for All on 4 in Costa Rica

If you are one of the millions of edentulous patients researching the various options for full teeth replacement, then you must consider having the procedure done offshore which will considerably reduce your treatment cost.

Costa Rica has established itself as one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world thanks to the quality of care offered by doctors. Even though the quality standard is above the world average in Costa Rica, finding the right match can be overwhelming for most patients.

Dental implants and especially All on 4 treatments, are one of the most challenging procedures for dentists, the biggest challenge is presented in the technical aspects of the treatment, specialized training is required to be able to perform this treatment, and it is because of this, that not all dentists are qualified to perform these procedures.

The staff at the Flikier Dental Institute has specialists in the field of implantology and prosthodontics who have been certified to perform All on 4’s in Costa Rica as well as the rest of the world. They have taken great care to ensure that the level of care they provide adheres to the highest healthcare standards worldwide.

How to determine All on 4’s is the right treatment for you

All on 4’s in Costa Rica have a high success rate, however, as with any procedure not all patients are good candidates for the treatment.

In order to determine the best course of treatment for a patient, the specialist at the Flikier Dental Institute will evaluate all the medical history the patient is able to provide, in addition to an in-person consultation and CT Scan.

With all this information on hand, the specialist will have a very honest conversation with the patient to discuss the best treatment options based on the patient’s goals, jawbone structure, lifestyle, age, general health and budget.

It is important to stress that only a qualified professional can determine which is the best course of treatment for each patient. Regular dentists are not qualified to perform All on 4 treatments in Costa Rica, even though some will advertise they provide the service.

Honesty is the best policy

Dentists also take the Hippocratic Oath just as physicians do, although the oath dentists take has been modified to include specifics of the dental care profession. The oath taken by dentists promises to do no intentional harm to patients, and to do this, dental care professionals must be honest with the patient.

Honesty, is one of the core values of the Flikier Dental Institute and all its staff; this honesty involves disclosing alternative treatment options that will perform better or equally as well as the treatment the patient is inquiring about. It also means discussing all risks and possible side effects. All on 4 procedures are often marketed as “Teeth in a Day”, as the treatment has been designed to be able to attach the provisional dentures the same day of the surgery, however, this may not be the case for every patient.

The ability to attach the provisional fixed dentures the same day, can be determined once the results of the CT Scan are available, and depend on factors as jawbone density and health. Not having the right jawbone structure does not necessarily disqualify a patient from receiving the All on 4 treatment, but, it may mean that the fixed prosthesis will not be attached the same day, instead, a provisional removable set of dentures will be provided.

Recommendations from the professionals at the Flikier Dental Institute

The prime concern of all the dentists at the Flikier Dental Institute if the well being of the patient, and it is because of this that they recommend that anyone thinking about having an All on 4 treatment in Costa Rica do their research, and be as informed as possible.

Make sure to investigating the credentials of the dentists you plan to visit, search for reviews of the clinic and never base your decision solely on price, instead try to find the best balance between qualification, experience and price.

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