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PHONE: (506) 2232 1626
TOLL FREE: 1-866-638-1102

Price Comparison of All on 4® Procedures in the US vs. Costa Rica

However, depending on the number of teeth you need to replace, single implants may not be the best course of treatment, instead, your specialist may recommend you get an All on 4® treatment. The procedure is a relatively new dental technique developed by Nobel Biocare a Swedish company specializing in implant-based dental restoration.

All on 4® treatments are used to replace the entire upper or lower set of teeth, it uses only 4 implants that act as an anchor for a bridge or overdenture of 12 to 14 teeth, making it a minimally invasive procedure. There are two stages to the procedure when the surgery is performed, patients will be given a provisional overdenture, a few months later when the implants have healed, the final prosthesis is attached and won’t need to be removed again, this is an excellent alternative to traditional dentures. All on 4® have a high success rate and when implants manufactured by Nobel Biocare are used, the lifespan of the procedure increases significantly.

All on 4® treatments require a level of specialization, therefore, not all dentists are qualified to perform the surgeries. This increases the cost of the procedure, especially in the United States where dental work is already outrageously expensive.

A great alternative is to travel abroad to receive the treatment, Costa Rica is known for its high standard dentistry, and the most qualified dental professionals are available for dental tourist from all over the world at The Flikier Dental Institute.

Unlike other practices both in Costa Rica and elsewhere, they utilize implants manufactured by Nobel Biocare, and their pricing is significantly lower compared to practices in the United States who have highly trained specialists using the same quality materials.

Pricing for dental treatments in the United States is often difficult to determine as most clinics do not like to advertise their pricing, the professionals at The Flikier Dental Institute believe in complete transparency, and while they acknowledge that every patient is different and will require a unique course or treatment, they have no problems in providing the average costs for their treatments to the general public. As your doing your research do you ever wonder why the “Other” clinics in Costa Rica don’t have their prices online for you to see? Red Flags.

The final cost of the All on 4® treatments will vary depending on the materials used on the final prosthesis which will be selected by the patient, but, patients can expect savings of up to 40% compared to the same treatment done in the US.

As an example, a typical patient in the United States can expect to pay $15,000 for an All on 4® with a final prosthesis made in metal acrylic, and about $24,000 if they choose their final prosthesis to be made in ZirkonZahn Zirconia.

By comparison, if that same patient decided to have the treatment done in Costa Rica, they could expect to pay $9,500 for an All on 4® with a final prosthesis made in metal acrylic FDI, and $14,500 for an All on 4® with a prosthesis made in ZirkonZahn Zirconia.

Both prostheses are durable and highly efficient, the difference between them is the aesthetics, prosthesis made in ZirkonZahn Zirconia are more natural looking and stronger. If you are interested in saving up to 40% on your All on 4® treatments, book an appoint with us today and let us give you back your exceptional smile.

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