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Dental Tourism

Price Comparison for All On 4

flikier-dental-tourismDental tourism in Costa Rica has skyrocketed in the last couple of decades, due to the high cost of dental procedures in the United States, Canada and Europe.

The Flikier Dental Institute, caters to dental tourists from around the world, offering the best quality of care at an affordable price with a highly acclaimed staff of doctors and technicians unrivaled in the region.

One of the most sought out treatments by dental tourists in Costa Rica is the All On 4 procedure, which provides patients with a brand-new smile in as little as one day. The treatment involves multiple disciplines as it requires surgery, implantology and prosthodontics to complete. Not all dental clinics are equipped to perform these procedures in house. The Flikier Dental Institute is one of the few who can and it is because of this that they are considered one of the best dental clinics in Costa Rica.

There are several reasons why dental tourists choose Costa Rica over other destinations, proximity certainly plays a roll, but quality of care and pricing at the deciding factors.

Some of the most popular destinations for dental tourists aside from Costa Rica are: Mexico, Thailand, Hungary and Spain, the last two are sought most often by European patients but that does not mean patients in Europe do not travel to other places for dental work.

Because of proximity, Mexico and Costa Rica are the preferred destinations for dental tourists coming from Canada and the United States.

Why Choose Costa Rica for Your Dental Treatments

Mexico has been a medical tourism destination for years, but, quality of care has always been inconsistent, which poses a problem for tourists.

Selecting an excellent dentist is not as easy as it sounds, and when you are a tourist with little knowledge of a practice this can become dangerous. While there are numerous reputable dental practices in Mexico, there are also a lot of charlatans and scam artist as well.

A lot of people are lured by the low prices that some dental clinics offer in Mexico, but cheap is hardly ever better when it comes to medical or dental treatments. There has always been a lack of control on behalf of the authorities to crack down on fake dental clinics, and all too often patients become victims of mal practice and end up spending a lot more money to correct the problems created by sub-par dental care.

Costa Rica on the other hand is known for the high-quality standards imposed by the local authorities in regards to medical practices. That is not to say that every doctor is a good one, or that there aren’t any charlatans here. However, the strict regulations and high-quality standards make it easier to find the right dental professional.

In regards to pricing, the Flikier Dental Institute is highly competitive and often times a lot more affordable than the most renowned clinics in Mexico.

As an example, let’s look at the cost of an All on 4’s with an acrylic metal bridge, in Mexico this procedure can cost from $10,500 up to $14,000 or more in the top clinics in the country. In Costa Rica,

the Flikier Dental Institute offers the same procedure, performed in a state of the art, high-tech facility for $9,500.

They are also able to provide the All On 4 made with Zirconia which is not offered by most dental practitioners but has a more esthetically pleasing look and feel as well as being stronger and more resistant to chipping. The All On 4 with zirconia crowns have an average cost of $17,000.

Price should never be the sole reason for making a decision to have dental work abroad, but knowing you will receive the best service, performed by professional and highly trained dentists and specialists in a safe and hygienic environment with the best quality materials, should make deciding on the Fliker Dental Institute in Costa Rica one of the easiest decisions of your life.

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